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Tripeco – Triangular Percussion Project

Tripeco – not only a new dance and music project from Berlin. Tripeco is a new kind of music, made up in equal parts of rhythm and emotion, show and improvisation. In her performances, Portuguese tap dancer Cristina Delius takes her audiences on a lively journey through world music. Using her instruments – the toes and heels of her shoes – she achieves a unique dynamic range, moving from the rhythmically irresistible standards of swing to the expressive staccato of bebop and the rich emotions of Latin ballads.

With her spirited southern temperament, Cristina presents a sparkling evening of dance, full of joie de vivre. The furious tempo of her feet expresses a style uniquely her own: a mixture of traditional rhythm tap dance and free improvisation, producing an equally visual and acoustic experience.

Cristina Delius is supported by guitarist Silvia Ocougne and bassist Johannes Gunkel. In their work, the trio expand simple rhythmic motifs into an intricate tapestry of sound, woven from classical, jazz and modern musical influences.


Playtime: 90 minutes                      Media                           Calender


Photo: Jan-Stefan Knick

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