Cristina Delius
is one of Europe’s best-known tap dancers and choreographers.

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„Cristina Delius, brings a high quality of artistry, sensuality and drama  to her choreography and performance. She has a unique and individual tap voice and yet represents the best of the jazz tap tradition with her excellent articulation, and musicality. The  dedicated quality of her teaching is exemplified by the proficiency of her many excellent students, many who have become professionals performing throughout Europe.”

Brenda Bufalino, New York, January 2011

„Cristina Delius, is an expressive tap dancer, with clear articulation, interesting rhythmic phrasing and riveting stage presence.”
Brenda Bufalino, New York

„Cristina is a gifted talented tap dancer who is a professional in every sense of the word.”
Barbara Duffy, New York

„I can think of few tap dancers who bring such a wide range of artistic experience to their work. Dancing among the finest dancers in the world at the New York City Tap Festival, Cristina was a hit.”
Josh Hilberman, Boston

„What do Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly have in common with Cristina Delius: speedy feet.”
Berliner Morgenpost

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Foto: Sebastian Banse

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