Tripeco Clips:

Sueño Vivo, with Silvia Ocougne and Johannes Gunkel in Berlin, Feb. 2008

Jalal, with Johannes Gunkel in Potsdam, May 2007


Other Clips:

Funky: Cristina Delius,
Rehearsing in Berlin, Sept. 2008

Cristina Delius and Milton Batera: Improvisation at the Club Onda Jazz in Lissabon, Feb. 2008

Round Midnight: with Nicolai Thärichen (piano), Johannes Gunkel (bass) and Heinrich Köbberling (drums), Berlin 2004

Cross References:  with Brenda Bufalino (congas) and Carolyn del Rosario (piano), Berlin 2002

N3 TV Documentary about Chili con Tap (QuickTime): Wiht Barbara Duffy, Anina Krüger, Pia Neises und Martina Heinzel, Hamburg 1999

Recent video clips from Cristina Delius on request.

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Foto: Renata Chueire

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